Photograph Your Own Art & Craft


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Sussie Ahlburg
A & C Black Publishers Ltd
Photograph Your Own Art & Craft by Sussie Ahlburg


Photograph your own Art and Craft is both a gorgeous-looking and essential guide to taking beautiful and high-quality photographs of your own art or craft, and it is useful for all artists and makers. All artists need photographs in order to present their work for exhibitions, competitions, galleries, websites and brochures but not everyone can afford a professional photographer. This book offers practical advice on how to photograph your own work, including what you will need to set up simple shoots using inexpensive equipment and basic techniques. It covers all the essentials such as use of lenses, backdrops, lighting and locations and is appropriate for all areas of art and craft including both 2D and 3D media. It is full of fantastic illustrations showing both practical techniques and finished work. A great investment for artists and makers.