Stop Look Breathe Create


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Wendy Ann Greenhalgh
Octopus Books
Mind and Spirit, Philosophy
Stop Look Breathe Create by Wendy Ann Greenhalgh


Stop Look Breathe Create is a simple, four-step process for exploring mindfulness through creativity, and, in turn, developing creativity through mindful practice. The book covers ten everyday subjects, from "The Ground Beneath Our Feet" to "Returning Home", and for each of these there are three projects: one drawn, one photographic and one written. The process is based on the effective mindfulness techniques that Wendy Ann has developed in her successful workshops and courses, and the book is lled with simple techniques and ideas to help the reader enjoy their artistic endeavors while being in the moment. So many people want to tap into their creativity to help them escape the mundanities of modern life and discover untapped talent. This book shows them how to achieve this without any pressure.

Stop Look Breathe Create offers an oasis of calm in a frenetic world.

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