The Rough Guide to Mindfulness


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Albert Tobler
Rough Guides UK
Mind and Spirit, Philosophy
The Rough Guide to Mindfulness by Albert Tobler


The Rough Guide to Mindfulness is the ultimate introduction to this highly effective antidote to stress, anxiety, and depression and will help you find balance and peace in a world that moves at an ever more frenzied pace.Written by two leading practitioners, this guide clearly explains all the basics of mindfulness, from breathing techniques to self-awareness and meditation. It outlines a short foundational course linked to free audio downloads of guided meditations, including the Body Scan meditation. The book also gives plenty of guidance on how to integrate the practice at work and home, avoid distractions, and really live in the present. It highlights the latest findings from health experts and scientists on the benefits and shows how you can continue your mindfulness journey.The Rough Guide to Mindfulness gives you all the necessary tools to find your way to a more peaceful existence, as well as boosting energy, confidence, and self-control.

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