Sad Topographies


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Damien Rudd
Simon & Schuster, Limited
Travel & Atlases
Sad Topographies by Damien Rudd


`There are few things humans are more dedicated to than unhappiness' - Alain de Botton.

Sad Topographies is the first ever atlas of deperssing toponyms. Covering all continents, Damien Rudd explores the world's depressing place names and explore their etymology. The stories behind these sad topographies are interwoven narratives of history, landscape, exploration, mythology, local folklore and misadventure. From Disappointment Island in the Southern Ocean to Calamity Lake in Minnesota, you can head up to All Alone in West Yorkshire, or if you're feeling more adventurous why not pay a visit to Crazy Woman Creek. Sad Topographies navigates the terrains of historical fact and imaginative fiction, filling in the gaps where some of the etymologies have been lost over time in this collection of beautifully-illustrated maps. Poetic and dark-humoured, it's a celebration of our sad and melancholic cultural landscapes.

Containing stunning illustrations and a bespoke design, this is perfect for fans of Stories in the Stars or The Atlas of Remote Islands.

Damien Rudd is the founder of the hugely popular Instagram account @sadtopographies.

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