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75 Knitted Floral Blocks: Beautiful Patterns to Mix and Match for Throws, Accessories, Baby Blankets and More by Lesley Stanfield
75 Knitted Floral Blocks
Lesley Stanfield
RRP: £10.99
Our Price: £2.99
Ancient Worlds, Modern Beads: 30 Stunning Beadwork Designs Inspired by Treasures from Ancient Civilisations by Mortira Natasha van Pelt
Ancient Worlds, Modern Beads
Mortira Natasha van Pelt
RRP: £12.99
Our Price: £2.99
Made By Hand: Classes from Lena Corwin's Studio by Lena Corwin
Made By Hand
Lena Corwin
RRP: £16.99
Our Price: £4.99
Furniture Care: Reviving and Repairing Surfaces: Professional Techniques to Bring Your Furniture Back to Life by William Cook
Furniture Care
William Cook
RRP: £7.99
Our Price: £2.99
Sewing Green: 25 Projects Made with Repurposed and Organic Materials by Betz White
Sewing Green
Betz White
RRP: £14.99
Our Price: £3.99
The Art of 3D Drawing: An illustrated and photographic guide to creating art with three-dimensional realism by Stefan Pabst
The Art of 3D Drawing
Stefan Pabst
RRP: £12.99
Our Price: £2.99
Creative Origami and Beyond: Inspiring tips, techniques, and projects for transforming paper into folded works of art (Creative...and Beyond) by Jenny Chan
Creative Origami and Beyond
Jenny Chan
RRP: £12.99
Our Price: £3.99
Fantastic Forgeries: Paint Like Van Gogh: A Step-by-Step Course to Painting Van Gogh’s Classic Artworks by Van Gogh Museum
Fantastic Forgeries
Van Gogh Museum
RRP: £14.99
Our Price: £4.99
Wild Things to Sew and Wear: 15 animal-themed garments and accessories for your little critters by Molly Goodall
Wild Things to Sew and Wear
Molly Goodall
RRP: £14.99
Our Price: £4.99
Sweet Baby Crochet: 20 Crochet Patterns for Girls & Boys Newborn to 24 Months by Sandy Powers
Sweet Baby Crochet
Sandy Powers
RRP: £13.99
Our Price: £3.99
Wild Things to Make: More Heirloom Clothes and Accessories to Sew for Your Children by Kirsty Hartley
Wild Things to Make
Kirsty Hartley
RRP: £25
Our Price: £6.99
BurdaStyle Modern Sewing - Wardrobe Essentials by BurdaStyle Magazine
BurdaStyle Modern Sewing - Wardrobe Essentials
BurdaStyle Magazine
RRP: £22.99
Our Price: £4.99
The Complete Guide to Making Wire Jewelry: Techniques, Projects, and Jig Patterns from Beginner to Advanced by Wing Mun Devenney
The Complete Guide to Making Wire Jewelry
Wing Mun Devenney
RRP: £18.71
Our Price: £3.99
The Big Painting Challenge by Rosa Roberts
The Big Painting Challenge
Rosa Roberts
RRP: £20
Our Price: £7.99
The Art of Beadwork: Techniques and Inspirational Projects for Creating Exquisite Pieces by Jane Lock
The Art of Beadwork
Jane Lock
RRP: £16.28
Our Price: £3.99
Make Your Own Perfume: How to Create Own Fragrances to Suit Mood, Character and Lifestyle by Sally Hornsey
Make Your Own Perfume
Sally Hornsey
RRP: £14.99
Our Price: £5.99
Paint with the Watercolour Masters: A step-by-step guide to materials and techniques for today's artists by Jonathan Stephenson
Paint with the Watercolour Masters
Jonathan Stephenson
RRP: £9.95
Our Price: £3.99