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John Varvatos: Rock in Fashion by John Varvatos
John Varvatos: Rock in Fashion
John Varvatos
RRP: £50
Our Price: £19.99
1970s Fashion: The Definitive Sourcebook by Emmanuelle Dirix
1970s Fashion: The Definitive Sourcebook
Emmanuelle Dirix
RRP: £30
Our Price: £9.99
Talking Fashion: From Nick Knight to Raf Simons in Their Own Words by Jan Kedves
Talking Fashion
Jan Kedves
RRP: £19.99
Our Price: £4.99
Sunday Sews by Theresa Gonzalez
Sunday Sews
Theresa Gonzalez
RRP: £15.99
Our Price: £4.99
Paper Engineering for Designers: Pop-Up Skills and Techniques by Keith Finch
Paper Engineering for Designers
Keith Finch
RRP: £19.95
Our Price: £6.99
The Fashion Design Directory: An A - Z of the Worlds Most Influential Designers and Labels by Marnie Fogg
The Fashion Design Directory
Marnie Fogg
RRP: £18.95
Our Price: £4.99
The Field Guide to Typography: Typefaces in the Urban Landscape by Peter Dawson
The Field Guide to Typography
Peter Dawson
RRP: £22
Our Price: £5.99
Terence Donovan Fashion by Diana Donovan
Terence Donovan Fashion
Diana Donovan
RRP: £45
Our Price: £14.99
Revival Type: Digital typefaces inspired by the past by Paul Shaw
Revival Type
Paul Shaw
RRP: £19.95
Our Price: £6.99
John Bates: Fashion Designer by Richard Lester
John Bates: Fashion Designer
Richard Lester
RRP: £25
Our Price: £12.99
Nautical Chic by Amber Jane Butchart
Nautical Chic
Amber Jane Butchart
RRP: £24.95
Our Price: £9.99
May Morris: Arts & Crafts Designer (Victoria and Albert Museum) by Anna Mason
May Morris
Anna Mason
RRP: £24.95
Our Price: £19.99
Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion by Akiko Fukai
Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion
Akiko Fukai
RRP: £35
Our Price: £12.99
Fashion Design Drawing Course: Principles, Practice and Techniques: The Ultimate Handbook for Aspiring Fashion Designers by Jemi Armstrong
Fashion Design Drawing Course
Jemi Armstrong
RRP: £14.95
Our Price: £4.99
Typography (Graphic Design in Context) by Denise Gonzales Crisp
Typography (Graphic Design in Context)
Denise Gonzales Crisp
RRP: £22.5
Our Price: £7.99
Fashion Muse: The Inspiration Behind Iconic Design by Debra N. Mancoff
Fashion Muse
Debra N. Mancoff
RRP: £24.99
Our Price: £9.99
Less is More by Harriet Walker
Less is More
Harriet Walker
RRP: £35
Our Price: £9.99
The Book of Books: 500 Years of Graphic Innovation by Mathieu Lommen
The Book of Books
Mathieu Lommen
RRP: £45
Our Price: £19.99
English Style and Decoration: A Sourcebook of Original Designs by Stafford Cliff
English Style and Decoration
Stafford Cliff
RRP: £14.95
Our Price: £6.99